Monday, January 27, 2014

Nani Iro Pastille Dress

nani iro print Pastille

So this is my first completed project of 2014! I've committed to the Stash Diet: 2014 because my fabric buying has been outpacing my project making since I was about 15 and first started going fabric shopping. It's pretty bad. For one thing, I have quite a few pieces that are no longer really my style, so will need to be given up or used in a creative fashion. I think the best (or worst) is a fleece covered with large eyed fawns and berries... I think it might be too saccharine for even a one year old. Oh high school Laurel, wtf.

But not so this fabric. This was pretty much my favourite stash piece, and I wanted to make sure I made something with it while I was still in love.

Nani Iro print Deena bed
Also functions as a fancy Deena bed.

Fabric notes:

This is a Nani Iro double gauze cotton that I've been holding on to for the last two years. It's incredibly soft and the green is a lovely vibrant shade. I think the name of the print was Gentle Cooing, which is kind of amusing. When I want to buy a print I can't really afford I only buy 1 1/2 yards as I know that's the minimum I can squeeze a garment out of. There was pretty much no fabric left as scraps, but it worked!

nani iro print pastille back

Pattern notes:

This the Pastille dress from the Colette sewing handbook which I've owned for a couple years now, it's only my second pattern made from the book, so I guess it counts as stash... using?
I had to make quite a few pattern alterations to make it work but that seems standard from looking at other peoples versions.
I did:
 A small bust adjustment.
Removed 1" from upper back as you would a swayback.
 Lengthened darts - front waist 1", back waist 2", back neckline 1"
removed 1/2 fullness from front and back cap sleeves

I also used a dirndl skirt instead of the straight skirt, but that was due to the fact that I noticed I prefer wearing dirndl skirts more. I do really like the tucks on the original skirt though, so maybe I'll make this again some time.

I'm almost done my Victory beret, so for once I might actually finish a knit/sew-along by the deadline! If so I may have two posts in one week (!?).

Thanks for checking out my project,



  1. Just hopped on over here from BurdaStyle. What a cute dress - you did a great job. I also really like the dirndl adjustment that you made for the skirt. Your "snuggly fabric friend" reminds me of my pup every time I turn my back when I'm working on a project, haha! They know what the good fabric is! :-)

    1. Yep she does seem to have a sense for these things... I was a bit worried about the cat hair on my new dress but she looked to comfy so she got to stay.

  2. What a beautiful fabric! I really like the dress, it suits you perfectly :)
    (I always buy just enough fabric to make a skirt out of it, when the price is to expensive as well :D )

    1. Thanks! I have a half yard to expensive fabric that I couldn't resist that I'm hoping to squeeze a skirt out of, hope it works!

  3. I really like your print placement. I'm so impressed you got such a nice dress out of 1.5 yards, and it actually sounds nice that there aren't any scraps!

    1. Thanks so much! Being kind of short helps, and yeah I have a hard time throwing scraps away so none left over to hoard is good for me.

  4. Gorgeous dress! Suits you perfectly. So pretty! I love how you made the most of such a great print.

    I can relate 100% to having way too much fabric! My mum always took me to fabric shops as a child so I have amassed quite the collection too. I am at a point now where I need another lifetime to use it all. May as well use the good fabric rather than have it sitting on a shelf for an eternity, that what I always tell myself.

    1. Thanks!

      Glad to know I'm not alone in the lifetime supply of fabric collection club. Most of what I bought growing up it is still pretty nice, but I tend to be attracted to bright colours and prints so sometimes I end up buying some pretty garish stuff!