Monday, July 8, 2013

Project Complete: Scout woven tee

I actually finished an item for a sew-along! I'd been eyeing the grainline studio patterns for a while now, so when I saw that there was a sew-along for the scout woven tee, I was excited to give it a try. I don't generally find loose styles very flattering on me (short with a small frame), but I was interested enough in this pattern to try something outside of my comfort zone. I'm glad I did! The floaty style is lovely in this heat!

This is actually a make do and mend type project - I was worried enough about the style suiting me that I thought I would try and make it out of an old mens skirt I had lying around. It is a poly/cotton blend and one of the softest drapey fabrics I've ever worked with. I tend to be a bit of an anti-poly snob, but this fabric is lovely.

Here's a close-up of the print - a very small scale plaid.

I had to do some creative cutting to have enough fabric, but I actually like the look.

Patterns notes:

I used size two on the top, and traced out to 4 on the bottom, other than that no changes!

Just to prove I'm serious about this sewing blogger thing I present a picture of my cat getting in the way.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Project Complete: Burda Bodice and half circle skirt

This is a Burda pattern from the 04/2013 issue. When I first bought this issue this pattern was one of my favourites, but a pretty impractical choice for me seeing as how it needed to be matched with a high waisted item. This inspired me to make a simple half circle skirt (my first!) to fill in this hole in my wardrobe. I also have a few nice vintage blouse patterns which I have been wanting to try out, so this skirt will hopefully come in handy. I used the awesome drafting instructions from this post at byhandlondon, and construction tips from elegantmusings. I used some light chambray I got downtown for 10$ a yard, and the skirt took about 1 1/4 yard to complete. Making this was incredibly easy and relaxing and I definitely plan on making more. I really like the more casual silhouette of the half circle skirt. 

For the Burda pattern I used some fabric from a damaged yukata I found in my highschool stash, which I recently had to sort through as my parents are selling their house of 21 years. Pretty much my stash just doubled - one thing that prompted me to join the stashbusting challenge! I am fast running out of space in my shared one room apartment... 

Wish I'd noticed how wonky the buttons looked before I took this picture.

Pattern notes:

Like I generally do with Burda patterns now I made it in the size down from what my measurement would call for as the correct size, in this case 36. Instead of using hook and eye tape like the pattern called for I added a button placket, and am still not positive I did it correctly (I think I might have added too much to the front about an extra inch? I ended up taking out an inch dart in the back - opps). I aligned the straps in 1/2 inch and removed 1/4 inch slant at the shoulder seams for to sloping shoulders. I also lowered the back panel 2 inches, and took 1/2 inch off of the sides on both centre panels. I think that's all?

I've been reading a lot about fitting methods lately so I think I went a bit overboard, I'm not certain beyond the back centre piece anything really needed to be messed with so much. It's funny that in the image above the top has gotten caught on the waistband of the skirt and looks so sloppy! But I only took a couple pictures of the back and this the better one.

I also noticed I actually have a few followers on bloglovin (!) - so I'm going to sign up and add a link, even though since the demise of google reader I've been following people with feedly.

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