Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Hallo'mas! a Glow in the Dark Skeleton Dress

skeleton sultry sheath gerties book for better sewing

This was meant to be my Hallowe'en dress, and I had it all finished in time for Halloween except that I needed to buy and put in the zipper but then I ended up getting sick on Halloween. So since then its been hanging in my closet neglected. However I think now I've talked myself into believing that I can wear this dress just as everyday casual wear. I was pretty fond of goth looks in high school anyway.

Pattern notes:
This is the bodice from the Sultry Sheath from Gertie's Book for Better Sewing again. Pretty much I was in a hurry so I used something where I'd already corrected the fit. The skirt is a simple dirndl. I like the combination of the very feminine neckline with the macabre print.

skeleton sultry sheath gerties book for better sewing close up

Fabric notes:
This is a quilting fabric from timeless treasures which I bought online from ebay. It's an anatomical skeleton print, and oh yeah it glows in the dark! I recommend this bodice pattern with a dirndl skirt as a good one for using quilting cottons you want to wear, it came together really easily.

skeleton sultry sheath gerties book for better sewing print

Sewing notes:
As I said above, this pattern came together really easily with the quilting cotton compared to when I made it with double gauze - definitely beginner friendly and a good match for hard to resist quilting cotton prints.

skeleton sultry sheath gerties book for better sewing scallop finish

I used the scallop edge to finish my facing, but having yet to wash it you can still see fray check here - more of a precaution then anything it won't be visible to the eye after the first washing.

skeleton sultry sheath gerties book for better sewing hem finish

When I tried on my dress to hem it I realized I was really happy with the length it already was. In the spirit of stash busting and cheapness I used some cheap poly ribbon to finish the hem. It actually adds some extra body to the hem, which I like in a '50s inspired dress like this. The poor women's horsehair braid?

Looking forward to Christmas week, starting with a date at Casa Loma which should be all decked out for the holidays this weekend. I think I might wear this dress!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


fair isle mittens


toronto trinkets

me hoi toronto button

1 Hand Knit fair isle mittens for my sister made with this pattern and motifs from 200 Fair Isle Motifs by Mary J. Mucklestone
2 Awesome beer labels from Bellwoods Brewery
3 Toronto themed trinkets for my sister in BC, a wizardwolf patch from Bellwoods Brewery and a button from the David Bowie Is exhibition at the AGO
4 Cute Toronto button from this artist that I bought at the One of a Kind Show

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tiny baby Moccasins for my new niece

Knitted Baby Moccasins

I've been trying to make all my presents for my family this year, both as a means to save some money and so that my gifts can be more meaningful. I came across the pattern for these baby moccasins on raverly, and luckily the Toronto public library had a copy of the book they are from, Knitting Gifts for Baby by Mel Clark. My sister recently had her second daughter, my new niece Sequoia. I haven't met her yet because my sister lives in far off British Columbia. Partially I think my desire to create all my gifts this year comes from the realization of the distance that separates my family and handmade gifts seem to me a way of forging a closer connection. Hopefully I get all my projects done in time!

knitted baby moccasins