Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tiny baby Moccasins for my new niece

Knitted Baby Moccasins

I've been trying to make all my presents for my family this year, both as a means to save some money and so that my gifts can be more meaningful. I came across the pattern for these baby moccasins on raverly, and luckily the Toronto public library had a copy of the book they are from, Knitting Gifts for Baby by Mel Clark. My sister recently had her second daughter, my new niece Sequoia. I haven't met her yet because my sister lives in far off British Columbia. Partially I think my desire to create all my gifts this year comes from the realization of the distance that separates my family and handmade gifts seem to me a way of forging a closer connection. Hopefully I get all my projects done in time!

knitted baby moccasins


  1. So freaking adorable! Thanks for the TPL info! I'll be putting a hold on this book right away!

    1. Thanks! There's actually a lot of really cute patterns in the book, it's a good one! I was very glad TPL had it, but then most of the time they have the craft books I want which is awesome.